Hair Chalking A New Hair Trend

Hair chalking is a great way to add highlights to your hair temporary. So, if yo are still not sure to dye your hair in permanent color then you should consider hair chalking since you can change the color easily. You can even do it yourself in your spares time without going to hair salon which is also save your budget.

If you are still unsure that hair chalking does really work to add style to your hair then you should see what these girls have done to their hair, they chalk it!

Hair chalking for short hair really gives you edgy style

Hair Chalk For Short Hair.

Hair Chalk For Short Hair

Use bright color to bangs and graduation color to sides hair.

Hair Chalking

Hair Chalking

Use soft color that match with your natural hair color

Hair Chalking For Long Hair

Hair Chalking For Long Hair

How to hair chalking by yourself:

Prepare for the following items:
- A bottle of water
- Soft Pastels Chalk set purchased at the art store. Don’t use oil pastels because it will stain the hair.
- A flatiron or curling iron

Here is a hair chalk set with various colors.

Hair Chalks Color

Hair Chalks Color

Actually, it’s a very simple process simply chalk your hair with your favorite color to part of strands. To keep the chalk stay longer on your hair consider to add hairspray. Also, don’t brush your hair too much after you chalk, the chalk will come off easily.

If you already master it then you can use combination of different colors or layering your colors, start with the lighter color gradually to darker colors

-Consider braiding your hair to really show off this look!